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Live Performance Videos

We can film any show, play, theatrical performance or live event and produce DVDs for you to sell. Ideal for schools, theatre groups, dance studios, and theatrical agencies.

Live performance videos

If you'd like a permanent lasting record of your show, play or performance we can film it for you and produce a professional DVD for you to sell or uploaded to You Tube etc.

We film all productions with either two or threee cameras which allows for a combination of wide and close-up shots, giving a professional TV style image to any performance.

Our service is also ideal for artists needing a showcase video, agents, venues, or anybody who wants to show themselves "in action".

Our prices include the video shoot, all post-production editing, effects, titles, background music, and voice-over if necessary.

For further details or a quote email us or call us on 01253 781203.


Blackpool Tower Circus
Live Performance DVDs are ideal for:

* Drama Groups

* Dance Academies

* Performing Arts Schools

* Theatrical Agencies

* Pop Groups

* Cabaret Performers

* Solo Artists

* Bands

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